April eCommerce Video Series

How not to lose customers?

Learn how not to lose customers and increase your revenue.
Ajay Menon, Senior Customer Success Manager at Unbxd Inc and Todd Hess, Chief Marketing Officer at G.O. Green Enterprises Inc discuss how to capture your customers at their highest intent to purchase.

The future of eCommerce

Join us to hear the top trends and predictions affecting the future of eCommerce from Robin Merchant of Shopify Plus.
Joining the discussion, in part one of this two-part series, is Robin Marchant from Shopify, Patrick Rechsteiner from Australian Retailers Association and Vince Lebon from Rollie Nation.

The death of the call centre as we know it

The call centre, as we know it, is dead.
Join Donny Chai, Sales Engineer from 8×8 and Jeremy Lam Hang, IT Programme Manager at The Jones Family Business to learn a new approach to customer engagement that actually grows sales and builds loyalty.

AI Powered End-to-End Commerce Journey

Across the Asia Pacific region, there is a growing need for businesses to deliver timely and personalised experiences across the entire commerce journey.
Artificial Intelligence enables businesses to create these increasingly important experiences.
In this session you’ll learn about:
• The ever-evolving market demand and consumer expectations driving more businesses to adopt AI in commerce.
• The challenges and opportunities businesses should be aware of when considering AI.